Beef Jerky Gifts

In a previous post, we came up with a list of top ten occasions to buy a guy some beef jerky…you know…his birthday, fishing trip, etc. Well this post is to inform everyone that the list of beef jerky gifts to pick from is larger than ever. With the recent additions of the complete of jerky products as well as a full selection of great beef jerky gifts and jerky gift baskets, the odds that you’ll find something for that special someone is greater than ever.

Click on anyone of the following beef jerky gifts and satisfy someone in your life today!


Beef Jerky Chew

An old favorite comes to life with some new flavors. Hickory Beef Jerky Chew, Teriyaki Beef Jerky Chew, and Spicy Beef Jerky Chew! Choose from any of these delicious flavors and enjoy 12 – .44 oz. cans to last you for at least a week. 🙂

This stuff isn’t only a great buy, it’s also a rare find. Beef Jerky Chew isn’t as available as it use to be, however, everyone is still asking for it and is here to deliver. So if you have young kids, an inkling to taste a unique jerky snack, or simple want rekindle some childhood memories than shop for some great tasting and conveniently packaged Beef Jerky Chew.

buffalo bills spicy beef jerky chew 44oz Beef Jerky Chew


Gift Basket

jerkycom exotic jerky gift bag b27 Gift Basket

For those of you looking for great gift ideas for men, I suggest taking a long look at the selection of gift baskets and corporate gift ideas that are exclusive to the selection. Thousands of people every day are stumped by what to get that special person in their lives to show their appreciation for them. A beef jerky gift basket is a diamond in the rough that is yet to be fully discovered. not only takes the time to prepare a professional looking gift basket, but the quality of products and the prices are unbeatable. That’s why they stand behind there price match guarantee of any one of there gourmet beef jerky products. On top of that, every customer has the option of creating a hand-written gift message with any order…especially there unique gift basket selection.

What man do you know that doesn’t like meat? Exactly!Choose from a variety of gift baskets that scream manly and surprise him with something he’ll surely enjoy 🙂


Ostrich Jerky featured in W.W.E magazine

jerkycom wwe1 Ostrich Jerky featured in W.W.E magazine

Take a peek at this month’s W.W.E magazine (page 70) and you’ll find the brand Ostrich Jerky featured in the “body shop” portion of the issue. This section is dedicated to goods or services designed to get you in shape, eat better, and maintain a healthier lifestyle.

When it comes to Jerky, none are considered healthier than Ostrich, for many reasons. It contains more protein per ounce than skinless chicken breast, it’s lower in fat than lean turkey breast, and has more iron in it than beef. Ostrich Jerky yields a whopping 14 grams of protein per serving, contains 0 calories from fat, and provides you with 10% of your daily intake of Iron.

It’s no wonder Ostrich farms are popping up all over the place and Ostrich Jerky and meat is growing in popularity throughout the U.S. Wherever there is a demand, there is sure to be a supply, and right now Ostrich’s demand is higher than ever.

Besides the obvious nutritional value that Ostrich Jerky provides, it is often considered some of the best tasting jerky on the market. If you’re curious on where to find some then visit or visit the Ostrich Jerky recipes page and try it for yourself.

Feel free to come and share your thoughts or comments on Ostrich Jerky after you’ve tried it.


Police Taser Beef Jerky Thief

Finally, a beef jerky thief who pays the price for trying to steal the meaty goodness that is Beef Jerky.

Following an instance where a 33-year old gentleman named William Smith tried to leave a local convenience store with out paying for his jerky, local police had to use force when he tried to get away. What kind of force you ask? A taser!

What a price to pay for a bite of some low quality imported beef jerky that you typically find at a gas station.

Kentucky police really do know how to serve and protect.

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