Bad Beef Jerky Causes Robbery

I thought I was the world’s biggest beef jerky enthusiast. Apparently a 28 year old barber in Cleveland, Ohio has me beat by a long shot.

Never in my wildest dreams would I think to cause harm over me disapproving of a batch of beef jerky, but that’s exactly what happened this past Thursday night. After purchasing a “beef stick” (we won’t name any names) and apparently sharing it with his dog, both him and his canine friend came down with a sudden illness, triggering the barber to confront and rob the store in which he bought it. Did I mention that the store is located only two storefronts down from his barbershop?’s true. You can chalk one up to the ‘Dumbest Criminals’ archives.

If that weren’t bad enough, the cop that arrived on the scene immediately recognized the assailant too as his very own barber. The good news is that nobody was hurt and the man was arrested at his nearby girlfriends house. Not to mention a very entertaining story about beef jerky.

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