Introducing Brand Jerky!!

The site that has become one of the leaders in the beef jerky industry have decided to produce their own brand of beef jerky. Cleverly titled brand.

jerkycom teriyaki beef jerky 300x225 Introducing Brand Jerky!! - Teriyaki Beef Jerky

Having built a business model around niche gourmet snack products like Bacon Jerky, Ostrich Jerky, and Pineapple Jerky, has finely tuned the art of satisfying taste buds of every jerky lover.

In keeping with the tradition of selling the best U.S made beef jerky products to fit every budget, brand jerky not only meets expectations, but it beats them as well. With unmatched products, outstanding service, and a price match guarantee find out for yourself what all of the buzz is about. has the widest selection of jerky products available anywhere.  With 5 varieties of Beef Jerky, 2 varieties of Turkey Jerky, Venison , Buffalo, Ostrich, Alligator, and Pineapple, is sure to please every appetite.

To find out a little more about this stuff and to view all nutritional facts and images, visit


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