Beef Jerky Chew

An old favorite comes to life with some new flavors. Hickory Beef Jerky Chew, Teriyaki Beef Jerky Chew, and Spicy Beef Jerky Chew! Choose from any of these delicious flavors and enjoy 12 – .44 oz. cans to last you for at least a week. 🙂

This stuff isn’t only a great buy, it’s also a rare find. Beef Jerky Chew isn’t as available as it use to be, however, everyone is still asking for it and is here to deliver. So if you have young kids, an inkling to taste a unique jerky snack, or simple want rekindle some childhood memories than shop for some great tasting and conveniently packaged Beef Jerky Chew.



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  1. by G Mankolo

    I wuold like to taste it it looks very nice

  2. by JerkyRecipes

    Thanks for the comment G Mankolo, if you haven’t found the link to this particular item yet then let me help you out. All 3 flavors of Beef Jerky Chew can be found by clicking here.

    Hopefully this helped.

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