Beef Jerky Shoplifter…Aisle 7

They’re back at it again people…I like to refer to them as the beef jerky bandits. You know, those criminals who are so in love with the meaty goodness of jerky products that they would do anything in there power to get their hands on it.

This time it was an assailant who remains unidentified, so unfortunately we have no picture to show you at this time.

The incident occurred late Sunday evening at an Albertson’s grocery store. He was described as a 6 foot tall heavier set gentleman who was wearing all black, as if that didn’t look suspicious. It turns out he was also wearing a backpack as well at the time…let me guess he was about 40 years old and had been out of school for 20 or more years. Any-who, he was first noticed by a male employee who supposedly watched him walk into the bathroom with the beef jerky and his backpack, which is a no-no in the first place, and then was seen leaving the scene.

Here’s a question, how come he got away? He was obviously stealing the beef jerky.

Finally he “escaped in a green vehicle”, let me guess it was a John Deer tractor. I’m just throwing that one out there, but who knows, maybe I’m right.

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