Beef Jerky thief is caught

31-year-old David Gill of Middeltown, OH was nabbed by police shortly after trying to steal several bags of beef jerky and a entire box of candy bars from local gas station. The second one within the past few months alone. (see other beef jerky thief)

He allegedly got into an altercation with a store employee who accused him of concealing the stolen beef jerky and candy bars according to him trying to Butler County Sheriff’s Sgt. Chuck Laymon.

After knocking the store employee and fleeing the scene in a maroon Ford Explorer, Gill abandoned the vehicle, but was soon after captured inside an abandoned structure.

Whether the beef jerky was worth it or not, Gill was charged with attempted robbery, a first-degree felony, as well as obstructing official business and resisting arrest, according to Butler County Jail records.

Evidence indicates that although Gill does have a previous record of numerous offenses and misdemeanors this is his first beef jerky heist.


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