Clint Eastwood (Gran Torino)

Recently released Clint Eastwood flick, Gran Torino, shines at the box office and provides movie viewers with a glimpse of one of the best things about beef jerky…it’s convenience.

In helping to capture the essence of most every aging adult, tough guy Clint Eastwood portrays a stark character who becomes reluctant to care or  waste any movement during his old age.

Having lived in the same house for 50 some odd years and recently having to bury his wife, it’s apparent that this character wants nothing more than to relax and ferment until his last days. Both him and his trusty side-kick, his dog, prove that a body at rest is far better served than one in motion.

There doesn’t appear to a better way to spend his time than lazily sitting on his porch wallowing in his Pabst Blue Ribbon and taking in the old fashioned taste of some beef jerky, which is consumed quite often by “Walt” because it lends itself to his personality. One that enjoys beef jerky, not only because of it’s taste, but also because of it’s shelf life and convenience. Which ultimately means fewer trips to the grocery store and plenty of hearty nutrition to go with it.


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