Larry the Cable Guy gets his Jerky Gift Cooler

The popular comedian and red-neck spokesman Larry the Cable Guy was honored this week by Glen Falls, NY mayor Jack Diamond. He was named honorary mayor for the day, a tradition for some celebrities who perform at the Civic Center.

His blue-collar demeanor and “Git-R-Done” attitude could serve useful as a white-collar official. All jokes aside though, Larry, whose real name is Daniel Whitney, packed the event with nearly 5,00o people who were dying to hear some redneck jokes.

Another unexpected barrage of pleasant surprises for Larry the Cable Guy was provided by Global Spectrum, the group which manages the Civic Center and box office sales.

Larry was presented with some comedy albums to go with his selection, a case of beer of course, and a Jerky Gift Cooler packed full of Beef Jerky.


Those corporate guys sure do know how to spot a good gift when they see it. Who wouldn’t want those as gifts, it sure beats some of the lame stuff I’ve received over the years.

I say if it’s good enough for Larry then it’s good enough for me…

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