Slim Jim Plant Explosion

artbuildingcollapsewtvdA large explosion at a ConAgra food plant located in North Carolina results in two deaths, one missing person, and over 30 people either injured or burned. The explosion had caused a large portion of the roof to collapse on the 425,000 square foot facility which employs over 300 people. Initial rescue attempts were slowed due to smoke inhalation, ammonia leaks and dangerous debris, the fire was extinguished however roughly an hour and a half after the initial incident around 11:30 am on June 9th.

Although ConAgra foods is a major food manufacturer of several popular brands of products, this particular plant was the central location for the production of Slim Jim meat snacks and products. It had also been reported that the plant had passed there latest inspection with no reported violations, it was performed in July of 2008. Keep in mind however that since 2003, three out of eight inspections that were performed did find violations.

Now a popular question is…will there be a Slim Jim shortage? Yes, it has already been indicated that the result of this disaster will affect production of Slim Jim products. All signs indicate that full production capabilities won’t be back in full swing until this fall. So don’t be surprised if you see folks stocking up soon and your local groceries running low. We know how hard a great meat snack is to find that’s why we have a great suggestion on a meat snack alternative at a discount price!

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For more information follow the story at CNN or watch a video clip of the aftermath.


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