Beef Jerky Chew

An old favorite comes to life with some new flavors. Hickory Beef Jerky Chew, Teriyaki Beef Jerky Chew, and Spicy Beef Jerky Chew! Choose from any of these delicious flavors and enjoy 12 – .44 oz. cans to last you for at least a week. 🙂

This stuff isn’t only a great buy, it’s also a rare find. Beef Jerky Chew isn’t as available as it use to be, however, everyone is still asking for it and is here to deliver. So if you have young kids, an inkling to taste a unique jerky snack, or simple want rekindle some childhood memories than shop for some great tasting and conveniently packaged Beef Jerky Chew.



Gift Basket


For those of you looking for great gift ideas for men, I suggest taking a long look at the selection of gift baskets and corporate gift ideas that are exclusive to the selection. Thousands of people every day are stumped by what to get that special person in their lives to show their appreciation for them. A beef jerky gift basket is a diamond in the rough that is yet to be fully discovered. not only takes the time to prepare a professional looking gift basket, but the quality of products and the prices are unbeatable. That’s why they stand behind there price match guarantee of any one of there gourmet beef jerky products. On top of that, every customer has the option of creating a hand-written gift message with any order…especially there unique gift basket selection.

What man do you know that doesn’t like meat? Exactly!Choose from a variety of gift baskets that scream manly and surprise him with something he’ll surely enjoy 🙂


Ostrich Jerky featured in W.W.E magazine


Take a peek at this month’s W.W.E magazine (page 70) and you’ll find the brand Ostrich Jerky featured in the “body shop” portion of the issue. This section is dedicated to goods or services designed to get you in shape, eat better, and maintain a healthier lifestyle.

When it comes to Jerky, none are considered healthier than Ostrich, for many reasons. It contains more protein per ounce than skinless chicken breast, it’s lower in fat than lean turkey breast, and has more iron in it than beef. Ostrich Jerky yields a whopping 14 grams of protein per serving, contains 0 calories from fat, and provides you with 10% of your daily intake of Iron.

It’s no wonder Ostrich farms are popping up all over the place and Ostrich Jerky and meat is growing in popularity throughout the U.S. Wherever there is a demand, there is sure to be a supply, and right now Ostrich’s demand is higher than ever.

Besides the obvious nutritional value that Ostrich Jerky provides, it is often considered some of the best tasting jerky on the market. If you’re curious on where to find some then visit or visit the Ostrich Jerky recipes page and try it for yourself.

Feel free to come and share your thoughts or comments on Ostrich Jerky after you’ve tried it.


Police Taser Beef Jerky Thief

Finally, a beef jerky thief who pays the price for trying to steal the meaty goodness that is Beef Jerky.

Following an instance where a 33-year old gentleman named William Smith tried to leave a local convenience store with out paying for his jerky, local police had to use force when he tried to get away. What kind of force you ask? A taser!

What a price to pay for a bite of some low quality imported beef jerky that you typically find at a gas station.

Kentucky police really do know how to serve and protect.

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Beef Jerky Shoplifter…Aisle 7

They’re back at it again people…I like to refer to them as the beef jerky bandits. You know, those criminals who are so in love with the meaty goodness of jerky products that they would do anything in there power to get their hands on it.

This time it was an assailant who remains unidentified, so unfortunately we have no picture to show you at this time.

The incident occurred late Sunday evening at an Albertson’s grocery store. He was described as a 6 foot tall heavier set gentleman who was wearing all black, as if that didn’t look suspicious. It turns out he was also wearing a backpack as well at the time…let me guess he was about 40 years old and had been out of school for 20 or more years. Any-who, he was first noticed by a male employee who supposedly watched him walk into the bathroom with the beef jerky and his backpack, which is a no-no in the first place, and then was seen leaving the scene.

Here’s a question, how come he got away? He was obviously stealing the beef jerky.

Finally he “escaped in a green vehicle”, let me guess it was a John Deer tractor. I’m just throwing that one out there, but who knows, maybe I’m right.

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Larry the Cable Guy gets his Jerky Gift Cooler

The popular comedian and red-neck spokesman Larry the Cable Guy was honored this week by Glen Falls, NY mayor Jack Diamond. He was named honorary mayor for the day, a tradition for some celebrities who perform at the Civic Center.

His blue-collar demeanor and “Git-R-Done” attitude could serve useful as a white-collar official. All jokes aside though, Larry, whose real name is Daniel Whitney, packed the event with nearly 5,00o people who were dying to hear some redneck jokes.

Another unexpected barrage of pleasant surprises for Larry the Cable Guy was provided by Global Spectrum, the group which manages the Civic Center and box office sales.

Larry was presented with some comedy albums to go with his selection, a case of beer of course, and a Jerky Gift Cooler packed full of Beef Jerky.


Those corporate guys sure do know how to spot a good gift when they see it. Who wouldn’t want those as gifts, it sure beats some of the lame stuff I’ve received over the years.

I say if it’s good enough for Larry then it’s good enough for me…

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Clint Eastwood (Gran Torino)

Recently released Clint Eastwood flick, Gran Torino, shines at the box office and provides movie viewers with a glimpse of one of the best things about beef jerky…it’s convenience.

In helping to capture the essence of most every aging adult, tough guy Clint Eastwood portrays a stark character who becomes reluctant to care or  waste any movement during his old age.

Having lived in the same house for 50 some odd years and recently having to bury his wife, it’s apparent that this character wants nothing more than to relax and ferment until his last days. Both him and his trusty side-kick, his dog, prove that a body at rest is far better served than one in motion.

There doesn’t appear to a better way to spend his time than lazily sitting on his porch wallowing in his Pabst Blue Ribbon and taking in the old fashioned taste of some beef jerky, which is consumed quite often by “Walt” because it lends itself to his personality. One that enjoys beef jerky, not only because of it’s taste, but also because of it’s shelf life and convenience. Which ultimately means fewer trips to the grocery store and plenty of hearty nutrition to go with it.


Cuts of Meat (Diagram)

A common question amongst amateur jerky chefs is what cut of meat do I use when preparing my jerky?

The most commonly used cuts of meat are the top-round and the flank. Use the following color-coded diagram in conjunction with our Meat Selection page and make your jerky with confidence.

Cuts of Beef


FDA warns of Chicken Jerky for Dogs

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently issued a warning about a potential dangerous association between illnesses in dogs and the chicken jerky products they consume. All of which are made from imported meat products, most notably those manufactured in China and Australia.

Imported meat is risky as it is, but when you consider that the stuff that isn’t for human consumption doesn’t have as strict of guidelines then it becomes terribly dangerous in my opinion. The recent cases involving “bad” chicken jerky has caused many illnesses in dogs that has a lot of peoples attention, especially the FDA who has been fielding all of the complaints from frustrated pet owners.

Reassure though that the FDA has and continues to conduct extensive chemical and microbial testing, on the other hand however, nothing has yet to be identified as the exact cause.

Stay Tuned…

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