BBQ 3000 Beef Jerky Recipe


  • 2 Tb. brown sugar
  • 2 Tb. Worcestershire
  • 2/3 c. ketchup
  • onion
  • salt
  • pepper
  • garlic
  • BBQ 3000 Seasoning
  • 1 lb. beef (or any meat type)


  1. If you’d like, freeze your meat for half an hour prior to cutting to make this task a lil easier. Slice your meat into strips about 1/4″ thick and slice up your garlic and onion as well.
  2. Go ahead and sprinkle on your salt, pepper, and BBQ 3000, heavy on the BBQ seasoning! Now, add as much Worcestershire sauce and brown sugar as you’d like. However, keep in mind that we are going for a BBQ flavor so, the BBQ Seasoning will be used more than any other ingredient and the others are just there to add a little bit of sweetness.
  3. Now decide which cooking method you want to use. Which ever one you choose, set it on the lowest temp. and lay out your meat strips without touching or overlapping one another. If you’re using the oven, keep the door propped open for ventilation and if you’re using a smoker, you might want to use non-seasoned chips to lock in that BBQ taste you’ll get with the BBQ 3000. Which ever method you decide to use, the length of time you dry your meat out is up to you so check it periodically. Typically jerky is dried out anywhere from 6-20 hours. Enjoy!

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4 Responses »

  1. by Jessica Onken

    What are I supposed to do with the ketchup onion and garlic. It says to cut it up but doesn’t say what to do with it. Marinate overnight??????????

    help this one sounds good. Thanks,

  2. by Zach Shirk

    It is really up to you but I would say marinate at least 3 hours

  3. by Shirley Perry

    HI THERE, i have seen all these recipes, but what i cannot seem to find out is, how can i store the Jerky when I an in the bush and not near a fridge?? and how long will it last? thanks heaps

  4. by Steven

    Well if you live in the bush you can dig a hole in the ground and put a plastic bag in hole or use rocks to cover the bottomof hole then put jerky in a zip lock bag the cover it over. Or if you have access to a vacume sealer vacume pack jerky and your good to go.

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