We are all left here to pick up the pieces and move forward without you. We never got to say goodbye. I finished that math homework. I did My Math Homework For Me

We are all left here to pick up the pieces and move forward without you. We never got to say goodbye. I finished that math homework. I did My Math Homework For Me

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Download Beef Jerky Recipes eBook Now!

Let us help you Make Delicious Beef Jerky at Home. Our jerky recipes e-book is filled with great, unique beef jerky recipes that are hand-picked as the best of the best by our staff. Each recipe uses simple ingredients and easy to follow instructions to give you great tasting beef jerky each and every time.

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Exclusive Offer for the Holidays!

Photoxpress 4816469 200x300 Exclusive Offer for the Holidays!Nothing makes a better gift than the gift of Jerky for the Holidays.  Who wouldn’t want to receive a package full of meaty, jerky goodness?  Anybody who wouldn’t is no friend of ours!

We have worked hard to make it easier for you to send beef jerky this Holiday Season.  For a limited time, use coupon code BEEFJERKYRECIPES to get $5 off of any order over $30 at Jerky.com!  How sweet is that?!  Jerky.com has a wide range of jerky products from the best brands in the business and every order gets FREE shipping!  Not only do they have Beef Jerky and Meat Snacks, but they have Turkey Jerky, Venison Jerky, Buffalo Jerky, Ostrich Jerky, Ham Jerky…even Pineapple Jerky and Bacon Jerky!  You can put together a pretty unique gift by combining some of these into a gift no one could forget.

No time to make a gift package yourself?  No problem.  Jerky.com has some great gift packages in very cool packaging.  Even these gift packages come with FREE shipping and the $5 coupon code works on them, too!  Every gift order includes a hand-written gift card to add that extra personal touch.  Have your gift delivered to your door for you to personally deliver or have Jerky.com deliver it right to your recipient.  They have thought of it all!  Go to Jerky.com now…and tell them BeefJerkyRecipes.com sent you!


Bad Beef Jerky Causes Robbery

I thought I was the world’s biggest beef jerky enthusiast. Apparently a 28 year old barber in Cleveland, Ohio has me beat by a long shot.

Never in my wildest dreams would I think to cause harm over me disapproving of a batch of beef jerky, but that’s exactly what happened this past Thursday night. After purchasing a “beef stick” (we won’t name any names) and apparently sharing it with his dog, both him and his canine friend came down with a sudden illness, triggering the barber to confront and rob the store in which he bought it. Did I mention that the store is located only two storefronts down from his barbershop? Well..it’s true. You can chalk one up to the ‘Dumbest Criminals’ archives.

If that weren’t bad enough, the cop that arrived on the scene immediately recognized the assailant too as his very own barber. The good news is that nobody was hurt and the man was arrested at his nearby girlfriends house. Not to mention a very entertaining story about beef jerky.

*Read the full story


Conan O’Brien Slim Jim Tutorial


Slim Jim Plant Explosion

artbuildingcollapsewtvd Slim Jim Plant ExplosionA large explosion at a ConAgra food plant located in North Carolina results in two deaths, one missing person, and over 30 people either injured or burned. The explosion had caused a large portion of the roof to collapse on the 425,000 square foot facility which employs over 300 people. Initial rescue attempts were slowed due to smoke inhalation, ammonia leaks and dangerous debris, the fire was extinguished however roughly an hour and a half after the initial incident around 11:30 am on June 9th.

Although ConAgra foods is a major food manufacturer of several popular brands of products, this particular plant was the central location for the production of Slim Jim meat snacks and products. It had also been reported that the plant had passed there latest inspection with no reported violations, it was performed in July of 2008. Keep in mind however that since 2003, three out of eight inspections that were performed did find violations.

Now a popular question is…will there be a Slim Jim shortage? Yes, it has already been indicated that the result of this disaster will affect production of Slim Jim products. All signs indicate that full production capabilities won’t be back in full swing until this fall. So don’t be surprised if you see folks stocking up soon and your local groceries running low. We know how hard a great meat snack is to find that’s why we have a great suggestion on a meat snack alternative at a discount price!

A 10% OFF coupon code ‘MEATSTICKS’ for individually wrapped beef sticks are now being offered at Jerky.com. This is perfect timing for anyone needing there meat stick fix… Also check out this weeks ‘Jerky Spotlight’ over at Jerky.com, which happens to be Buffalo Bills Short Shot Beef Sticks (complete with coupon code and taste ratings)

For more information follow the story at CNN or watch a video clip of the aftermath.


Beef Jerky Business Cards

You never get a second chance to make a first impression, and what a better way to make a first impression than with a beef jerky business card. It’s unique, delicious, and it shows your sense of humor.

Made from carbon dioxide, a laser, and some beef jerky. Meat Cards were designed to make an impression. Who says you can’t mix business with pleasure? No need to worry either, these beef jerky business cards are totally edible (just not to the USDA I think)…the company  says it best when they say “they are only made of two ingredients, “meat and lasers.” Yummy!

It doesn’t stop there though according to the folks over at Meat Cards, they are supposedly in the lab thinking of other foods in which to apply this to. Any suggestions??

meatcards 300x199 Beef Jerky Business Cards

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Beef Jerky Gift Basket

jerkycom ultimate jerky gift box b2 Beef Jerky Gift Basket

Filled with 12 kinds of jerky and featured in a stunning Jerky.com signature gift box, this beef jerky gift basket is as nice as they come. Jerky.com released this beef jerky gift basket last week to tailor to those searching for the perfect gift idea.

5 flavors of Beef Jerky, 2 flavors of Turkey Jerky, 4 exotic meat types (Venison Jerky, Ostrich Jerky, Alligator Jerky, and Buffalo Jerky), and a 1/4 pound of Gourmet Pineapple Jerky.

Perfect as an anniversary gift idea, birthday gift idea, or as a unique gift for any man in your life. Put a personalized touch on it by creating a hand-written gift message that’s sent with your order. APO and AFO shipping as well.

Did I forget to mention that there is Free Shipping on every order??


Sasquatch Jerky

jerkycom sasquatch jerky Sasquatch Jerky

New to the Jerky.com lineup is an exclusive jerky unlike anything anyone has ever seen or tasted. Made from 100% Sasquatch meat! Sasquatch Jerky is American grown, packaged, and manufactured..this snack is an instant classic as well as a cult-following shocker to those who didn’t think that Sasquatches existed. Recent discoveries have proven otherwise.

Made from whole muscle meat that has passed countless inspection and consumption laboratory tests…Sasquatch Jerky is deemed perfectly safe in case you were wondering.

Just as unique as the meat itself however is the recipe that is getting rave reviews. A little bit of brown sugar, soy sauce, and natural blend of special spices gives this jerky a sweet/natural flavor that is out of this world.

Be one of the first to get a taste of history or at least take a peek at a meat snack that is only available in very limited quantities. This stuff makes a great gift, a collectors item, and a delicious snack food.

Because you are a valued reader of BeefJerkyRecipes.com, here is an exclusive coupon code for 10% Off any order of Sasquatch Jerky. Use coupon code ‘BIGFOOT’ during the checkout to redeem your discount. icon smile Sasquatch Jerky Hurry while supplies last.

Sasquatch Jerky Video courtesy of the good folks over at Foodproof.com. Give them a visit if you’re one of the many Food Lovers out there!


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