Bacon Flavored Jerky Recipe


  • 3 pounds beef (or any meat type)
  • Ground Black Pepper
  • Bacon Salt (Original, Hickory or Peppered)
  • curing salt


  1. Slice your meat into strips about 1/4″ thicks. (freezing for 30 mins. prior may help with this)
  2. Cure your meat over night.
  3. Not a lot of ingredients are included in this recipe so you do not cover up your bacon flavor! Go ahead and pepper your meat and dash on as much of the Bacon Salt as you’d like. (The Bacon Salt comes in 3 flavors to choose from; Hickory, Peppered or Original)
  4. If you chose the Hickory flavored Bacon Salt you might want to dehydrate your meat in the oven or dehydrator instead of a smoker so you do not mix flavors. If you chose to do so, go ahead and set the temperature to the lowest temp. on both machines, but leave the oven door propped open for ventilation. Lay out your meat on the racks, without touching. (You might want to foil line a cookie sheet if using the oven so the meat doesn’t stick or make a mess) If you chose to use a smoker or grill go ahead and slap those puppies right on the racks, without touching, and dry out on the lowest temp., as well, checking ever so often. The length of time for which ever method you chose is up to you and how dry or chew you like your jerky! Add as much Bacon Salt as you like. It’s great stuff! Enjoy!

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19 Responses »

  1. by kirk

    Thanks for your recipes . Im a hunter and luv jerky.

  2. by Larry Sparman

    Are there any jerky recipes
    on this site that is made without purchasing some one’s product? What a scam. Bye-Bye.I’ll go some where else.

  3. by JerkyRecipes

    Most of the recipes on include only generic ingredients. When a recipe includes a brand name ingredient it is usually for two reasons:

    – It is a unique spice or ingredient (such as bacon flavored salt).
    – The author prefers that particular brand, perhaps believing a substitution would compromise the end result.

    Either way, makes no money on the sale of any of the spices or ingredients listed. As much as I wish we did…it simply doesn’t happen. We make just as much money on our users buying Bacon Salt as we do on them buying Morton’s brand salt or a generic salt…which is NONE.

    Good luck in your beef jerky making pursuits. Let us know if there is anything else we can do for you in the future!

  4. by ott

    has anyone tryed to do ham? i also need recepies if you have one. I live in the south were there is alot of country ham.

  5. by Ryan

    Larry, I use only salt, garlic, red pepper, and a little bit of soy sauce. depending on the cut of the meat, i run the jerky through the dehydrator for about 2 hours then put it in the smoker for about 4 hours just to get the extra flavor. No special package needed, didnt use any name brand anything.

  6. by Afishegg

    Sound: (tires screeching to a halt) “Bacon flavored salt!?!?!?” I’m getting my jacket and headed to krogers NOW….WhoooHoooo there IS a GOD!

  7. by b hammond

    Ham Jerky 2cups salt 1 gal water 1-2 cups brown sugar marinate strips over night in fridge drain off pepper to taste put in smoker or dehydrate if you dehydrate you can add some liquid smoke to marinate for flavour Good luck & enjoy

  8. by b hammond

    Bacon salt now comes in 5 or 6 flavours try the apple wood on chicken or ground turkey burgers

  9. by ken rieth

    how much bacon salt do i use for 5 pounds of elk meat it sound good thanks

  10. by JerkyRecipes

    Thanks for the question, Ken! Our suggestion is always to do it by taste. There is no right or wrong…its up to your personal preferences. After you make it, come back and share your experiences with us!

    Thanks again.

  11. by SteveO

    I have made beef jerkey before and maranated in the fridge a number of hours. This recipe calls for curing over night. Not sure what that means? Can you explain more? Thanks. Cant wait to try it with the bacon salt.

  12. by jerseyjoe

    what is the best beef to use???? and on 3 pounds of beef how much does it make roughly????

  13. by jobin mcdaniels

    is there any good recipes for frog jerkey i live on a swamp and all there is to eat is frogs and bears ,by the way what is a dehydrater?

  14. by jobin mcdaniels

    I hate bears!!!!

  15. by Viv

    Gosh, I sure hope people aren’t put off by the suggestion to use bacon salt. It is one of the BEST new products on the market! It makes EVERYTHING better…just give it a try and you will be convinced…and in bacon Heaven. (P.S. It is devine on sauted shrimp).

  16. by Madison

    Hi! How much bacon salt, curing salt and pepper should be used? Should there be more curing salt than bacon salt, etc?

  17. by Burrito

    first- cannot wait to try out bacon salt.

    second- jerseyjoe- i do make jerky a lot. two cuts of meat i use most are called Eye of round and Top round. you can easily use flank steak or any Lean cut of meat. Cutting the meat a certain way can affect texture, but the flavor is in the marinade.

    Third-SteveO- marinading times are all up to you. most suggested times are 8+ hours, or the time most people sleep a night. so if you prepare your meat and marinade in the evening put it in the fridge then sit back have a beer or few and go to bed. when you wake up the beef is ready for dehydrating/smoking.

    Last-jobin mcdaniels- a dehydrator is an appliance that you can lay out your beef (or pretty much anything you want to dry i.e tomatoes, strawberries, onions, garlic. all of your chili powders. all of these powders and granulated versions of herbs and veggies were first dried in a dehydrator before being ground into powder.)once you lay out your meat or whatever food needs drying set dehydrator to proper temp and let the dehydrator do its job. walk away and take care of whatever you want cause it takes a few hours to dry.

  18. by The Chief

    Hey all you jerk off’s…..that’s a compliment for all us jerky makers out there…im from down no Australia ( don’t no wher that is it) anyway im trying to put together some jerky recipe’s using good old beer…bourbon…rum…wild turkey(that’s if in season..ha..) and any other brews I can use…anybody out there with some sort of recipe’s would be greatly appreciated…hic..burp…hic cheers…From the Chief

  19. by Vicki

    I have the same question about “cut up the meat and cure over night”. What does this mean unless you’re speaking of a marinade? Are you rubbing the black pepper and bacon salt on right before dehydrating or when curing in the fridge? It’s unclear. Please let us know.

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